Ecology and Trees

The site comprises grazing pasture bound by species-poor hedgerows and tree-lines of limited ecological value. A species-rich hedgerow, of Local value, bisects the site. A range of ecological surveys have been undertaken on the site between 2011 and 2020, including a number of targeted surveys for bats and dormouse.

A bat assemblage of Local value was recorded during activity surveys, including occasional recordings of species of higher conservation concern (barbastelle and lesser horseshoe bats). No roosting opportunities are present within trees on-site. In addition presence of dormouse was confirmed in 2016 although update surveys were unable to confirm continued presence. The dormouse population potentially present on-site is considered of Local value.

Given the size of the development, retention of key features such as the boundary hedgerows and flexibility within the design it is considered the on-site protected species interests can be accommodated by the proposed development. The proposed development will deliver a net gain

Transport/ Highways

The Phase 1a highway access will primarily be via a new junction off Wilkinson Road, with two separate smaller private accesses off Somerford Road for properties fronting that direction. These junctions have been designed to ensure adequate vehicle capacity, space and visibility for safe operation. Additional improvements to the junction of Wilkinson and Somerford Road and provision of several enhanced informal pedestrian crossing points on nearby streets are also included in this phase of the scheme as part of a wider Steadings development highway strategy, intended to increase road safety and capacity for all users.

As part of the delivery of the Phase 1a parcel a number of the off-site highways works will be delivered. This includes the realignment of the Somerford Road and Wilkinson Road Junction, The provision of the improvement works and zebra crossing on Chesterton Lane and improvements at Cherry Tree Lane. In addition various footpath improvements will be provided to local footway and cycle links to facilitate easier connections to the Town Centre.

Tecnical Map


The Phase 1a plot drainage strategy is in full accordance with the wider water disposal strategy at The Steadings. Surface water is collected and discharged at a restricted natural greenfield rate into a local watercourse, where it passes to a wider improved network. The excess surface water is temporarily stored in a natural sustainable basin, which offers multiple benefits including water quality and ecological and amenity enhancement. The foul drainage is to be discharged to a new public sewer network that has been sized to both accept these flows and also relieve existing capacity concerns in the surrounding area.


Ongoing consultation is taking place with Thames Water in relation to the new sewer works which are currently ongoing. The intention of the HarperCrewe is to connect to the new pipeline to ensure that no pressure is put onto the existing system.

Refuse & Collection Strategy

Bin storage areas and provision has been designed in accordance with CDC requirements. Each household has provision for a 180L general waste bin, 44L dry recycling box, 10L (internal use) and 23L (external use) food waste bins. There is also sufficient space for a green recycling bin. The apartments will have communal bin stores with 1100L or 360L general waste bins and appropriately sized dry recycling and food waste bins.

The layout of The Steadings has been designed to easily enable the collection of waste. For houses, refuse will be stored in gardens with easy access to the street so that bins can be readily positioned for collection. The apartments have communal bin stores located at the side of the buildings, adjacent to the highways to enable easy collection access.

Waste diagram png


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