One of the most critical environmental issues faced today is that of climate change as a direct result of increasing CO2 emissions and the enhanced greenhouse effect. BDL is committed to providing a sustainable development and HarperCrewe’s low carbon “building fabric-led” approach aims to reduce the levels of CO2 emissions by reducing energy needs and improving the energy efficiency of each building.  The proposal will also demonstrate a commitment to sustainable living by exceeding industry standards and regulations in a number of areas related to design and construction.

The sustainability is however, wider than the environmental performance of the buildings. Integral to the design proposals are the following sustainability benefits, which are discussed more fully in the document below:

Wildlife conservation and the integration of development with nature through a strong landscaping scheme will be achieved as a result of;

* Building with Nature accreditation;
* The prioritisation of non-car modes of transport, through the provision of a walkable community;
* Improvements to the existing footpath links;
* Promoting the use of sustainable public transport;
* Provision of Electric Vehicle charging points for every dwelling;
* Provision of a diverse range of housing;
* Creating spaces for people to gather for social interaction;
* A strong sense of community promoted through the early establishment of the Community Management Trust, creating a long-term sense of belonging and desirability at the development;
Extensive glazing and design that maximises natural light in the properties, and construction of the highest quality.


View the Sustainability Strategy here


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