Ben Pentreath is one of the country’s leading architectural practices involved in the design of traditionally-inspired new urban developments. Our work seeks to draw from the best of the past, making places that are human scaled, timeless and long-lasting, and yet which are robustly designed for modern life. Our architectural approach varies from project to project, whether using vernacular, classical or more contemporary design, but all are united by consideration of scale and detail. We pay particular attention to local distinctiveness but at the same time build
on design principles that are universal.



HarperCrewe’s proposals for the Phase 1A Masterplan will deliver an exemplar development demonstrating the attention to detail, design quality and placemaking principles that shall set the standard for the wider delivery of The Steadings. Inspired by the Arts and Crafts Cotswold tradition, our proposal is conceived as a planned settlement with an ordered layout and appearance reflecting a contemporary reinterpretation of the Cotswold vernacular.  This relies on a layout that is regular and an architectural approach that uses repeated forms, carefully crafted massing and a unifying palette of materials and details.

Design masterplan


The vision for the architectural character is a calm, contemporary interpretation of the Cotswold vernacular with generous glazing. Sensible repetition of building types, convincingly handled, and small focused details of crafted building work – stone masonry, iron or timber work are proposed in order to create an architectural language with a strong connection to history and a living vernacular.

Street scenes have been composed to use simple, repeated forms to create a strong rhythm.

HarperCrewe have developed a specific series of house plans for Phase 1A that are based on traditional narrow and wide fronted footprints that have been updated for modern living.  The building footprints are simple, avoiding unnecessarily complicated detailing and designed to be laid out as terraces, semi-detached or detached dwellings.

Design 2 images


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