The Site

The Phase 1A site is located east of Somerford Road and north of Wilkinson Road and is approximately 2.85 hectares in area. To the north are the existing allotments, to the east the site is bound by employment buildings at Love Lane Industrial Estate and to the south along Wilkinson Road is a mature line of existing trees. The site is relatively flat and enclosed by existing mature hedges to all sides.

Phase 1A is located in the north eastern point of the ‘The Steadings’ new community.



The Phase 1A constraints plan shows an analysis of the existing features and site conditions

Constraints Image 1
Constraints key2 Constraints Image 2

1. The proposed principal entrance from Wilkinson Road is fixed by the outline planning application

2. The hedgerows and trees to the perimeter of the Phase 1A site are an important landscape feature and shall be retained

3. The central hedgerow has been identified for removal as part of the outline planning application process

4. Existing service routes in the form of overhead cables and the water main that cross the site are to be redirected and do not need to be accommodated

5. The existing foul sewer on the southern edge of the site is to be retained and the proposals shall adhere to the required offset

6. To the eastern boundary is Love Lane Industrial Estate, the existing buildings overlook the Phase 1A site and there is potential for noise disturbance.

7. To the western boundary are detached dwellings set behind a hedge line fronting onto Somerford Road. The proposed new frontage to Somerford Road will be designed with appropriate consideration of the existing dwellings.


The proposed concept plan illustrates our initial response to the site constraints

Opportunities Map1
Opportunities Key Opportunities Map2

1. Phase 1A has a crucial role in representing the quality and design led approach of The Steadings and it will therefore be important that the entrance to the site is well defined, visible and has a strong presence to Wilkinson Road.

2. Given the enclosed nature of the Phase 1A site, HarperCrewe has given detailed consideration to the degree of architectural variety or regularity that would feel most appropriate. A coherent and ‘planned’ approach is proposed with an ordered plan with a regular and legible streetscape laid out around a central green space.

3. The design intent for the Phase 1A development is to place particular emphasis on integrating the built form with existing landscape features and new landscape to include trees, front gardens and hedgerow planting. A central green will provide a focus for Phase 1 and the hedge lined perimeters provide an opportunity for pathways within green space.

4. Drainage attenuation is to be located in the south west corner of the Phase 1A site and will be integrated within a multi-functional landscaped space.

5. The layout proposes perimeter blocks with parking predominately located in rear parking courts, which allows for a strong continuous frontage to the streets. The parking courts will be carefully designed to ensure they are not dominated by parking, landscaping is also crucial with tree planting proposed throughout.

6. To the northern boundary are existing allotments separated from the site by
an existing hedgerow, provision for future potential pedestrian and cycle access could be considered as part of the proposed layout.


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