The Steadings Community Management Trust is being set up as a Charitable not-for-profit Trust which will provide and maintain community facilities within The Steadings for the benefit of its residents and the wider community.

The Trust's principal objectives will be to:

  1. Own, maintain and manage the green open spaces, community centre, children’s play areas, sports facilities and other community assets as The Steadings is developed.

  2. Build a strong, healthy, and cohesive sustainable community in which everyone who lives, works, studies or enjoys leisure time can feel a part. 


The Community Management Trust will be governed through a Board of Trustees which will include representatives from local residents, the Town Council, the District Council, Voluntary Community Groups and Bathurst Development Ltd. 

It will be funded through a combination of payments arising from the development, a longer term endowment and an annual payment by residents or commercial occupiers through a management charge. 



The Community Management Trust will deliver a comprehensive range of services across The Steadings to ensure it is maintained to the highest standards. It will also deliver a range of community activities to enhance the sustainability of the development and community development, both with the existing and new residents and businesses in the area. 

These services will fall under the following broad areas of responsibility:

Estate Maintenance and Management of: 

* Unadopted roads, pathways, cycleways and accessways
* Hard landscaping areas such as squares, courtyards, and other shared public places
* Soft landscaping including verges, parks, play areas, flowerbeds
* Open spaces encompassing fields, woods, nature reserves
* Street furniture, unadopted lighting, bins, and signage
* Community and leisure facilities, meeting places, sports grounds and allotments
* Monuments and other public works of art
* Unadopted watercourses and water management features
* Security and associated monitoring systems
* Health and safety monitoring and promotion of appropriate compliance
* Insurance 



Organisation and promotion of communal activities such as events, workshops, entertainment, youth groups, sport, arts and craft groups.

The administration and promotion of facilities such as the community centre, play areas, sports facilities and allotments.

Acting as a catalyst for sustainable development initiatives, for example, car clubs, group purchase initiatives, community shopping etc.



There will be the provision of regular information through a variety of media to residents in respect of planned activities, available services, community groups and clubs, this will include;

* Dealing with all enquiries, complaints, and ideas within the community
* Carrying out regular surveys to ensure that the wishes and views of residents are considered
* Liaison with appropriate regulatory and statutory authorities


The Community Management Trust will employ such staff, contractors or consultants as are necessary to fulfil its objectives. In time, as the scheme evolves, there will be a permanent administrative office within the community to both co-ordinate the Trust's activities and deal with day to day issues on a personal level for residents and the wider community. Temporary offices will be located on site in the early stages of the development. 

The Community Management Trust will be there for -and guided by - the community, addressing issues and ensuring that those living, working and spending time at The Steadings are empowered and feel part of a strong, growing community.


You can read more about The Steadings Phase 1a proposals by clicking through the below links. 

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