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In January 2016 an outline application for The Steadings was submitted to the Local Planning Authority. The application proposed up to 2,350 dwellings, 9.1 hectares of employment, a neighbourhood centre, community facilities, public open space, allotments, playing fields and pedestrian and cycle links. The outline application also proposed a series of highway improvements to nearby junctions. Outline Planning Permission (OPP) was granted on the 3rd April 2019 subject to conditions and a Section 106 agreement.

 One of the conditions required the production of a Site Wide Design Code (SWDC) for the wider site. Its purpose is to identify key character areas, architectural and design principles to be followed throughout the site. The SWDC has been submitted to the Local Planning Authority for consideration. The Outline Planning Permission also requires Detailed Design Codes (DDC) to be submitted for each phase of development. This is aimed at providing greater detail of how the principles of the Site Wide Design Code, comprising the aforementioned factors, will be applied within each phase of development. A Detailed Design Code for Phase 1a – this first phase at The Steadings – has also been submitted to the Local Planning Authority.

Following the approval of the Outline Planning Permission in April 2019, Bathurst Development Limited (BDL) sought to identify development partners that shared their vision for The Steadingsto bring forward the delivery of the development. BDL will retain the role of Master Developer throughout, to ensure that the high quality sustainable development envisaged for the site is delivered.

HarperCrewe (HC) was identified through an extensive Development Partner selection process as the first of BDL’s development partners. as it shares the collaborative approach to development which BDL are looking for in the delivery of ‘The Steadings'. HarperCrewe seeks to reflect the aspirations of both landowners and future residents of any development – and it is this and their shared collaborative approach to development that make them the ideal partner for ‘The Steadings’.



We create spaces and environments, inside and out, that are interesting, well designed and work for people—from landowners to the purchasers of our spaces.

Drawing on 30 years of industry experience, we focus on designing, building and marketing sustainable developments, combining flexibility of design and tenure. Our fresh approach allows us to work with landowners, investors and communities in a way that large housebuilders can’t (and won’t).

Behind the scenes, our team has a wealth of industry experience in every phase of land acquisition and construction process. This means we can offer the very best combination of expertise to fit each individual project and client. We Incorporate our partner’s objectives at every stage, with the flexibility and a shared vision you would expect from a small organisation; but with the knowledge, capabilities and experience of a large housebuilder. 

HarperCrewe and CreweSpace exists to deliver innovative design, outstanding build quality, optimal returns and exciting spaces for people to enjoy – and landowners to be proud of. 


You can read more about The Steadings Phase 1a proposals by clicking through the below links. 

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