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At Harper Crewe, we care about your views and opinions in relation to the proposals for Phase 1A at The Steadings – and would love you to get to know them a little better.


HarperCrewe has worked in collaboration with Bathurst Development Limited (BDL)  to bring forward proposals for Phase 1A at The Steadings.

The wider proposal for ‘The Steadings’ site was granted via outline planning permission in April 2019 and you can find more information on the outline planning permission in the ‘Background’ section below.

The BDL and HarperCrewe proposal is to create a neighbourhood with an enduring appeal, which draws upon the rich heritage of Cirencester and the Cotswolds, but is forward looking in the best possible way. Phase 1A will be the first residential neighbourhood created at The Steadings, forming a prominent new gateway into the town of Cirencester. The development is focused on Design, Sustainability and Stewardship.

The design of the scheme is being led by the pre-eminent residential architect Ben Pentreath Ltd Architects and more information on the practice and design process can be found in the Design section below.

Stewardship was a key factor in the consideration of the outline planning application, with the ongoing stewardship of The Steadings ensuring the long-term appeal of the site. Within this, the provision of a Community Management Trust (CMT) also plays an instrumental part in the development of the community. More information regarding these considerations can be found in the ‘Stewardship’ section below.  

BDL is committed to providing a sustainable development and this is a key driver behind the partnership with HarperCrewe. More can be found on the sustainability of the proposed development in the Sustainability section below.

The forthcoming application seeks reserved matters approval for the construction of 74 dwellings, including new access, landscaping, open space and associated infrastructure.  

The scheme includes:

* Areas of open space for play, informal gatherings and social interaction;
* Biodiversity enhancements resulting in Biodiversity Net Gain;
* Improvements to highways, cycle routes and connectivity with the town;
* Improvements to the drainage infrastructure locally; and
* A mix of housing sizes and type providing a vibrant community.


While we would love to be able to meet you all in person to talk through these plans, unfortunately due to the current situation, this isn’t possible. Therefore, we have set up this website as a way to ensure you have all the latest information about the proposed plans which you will find in the sections below. At the bottom of the page we have provided a link, which will be live until the 19th of October, so you can share your thoughts with us until that time. 


We look forward to hearing from you.


You can read more about The Steadings Phase 1a proposals by clicking through the below links. 

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